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          Supplier Audit
          Add time:2016-11-22    Click:712

          2016.11.15-2016.11.16, customer’s China purchasing manager and quality assurance manager came together and did audit in our factory.
          After a brief introduce of each other, the audit was started.
          The whole audit processes are including our organization and management, technical and manufacturing capacity, quality control organization, control of suppliers and purchased materials, process control, outgoing quality control etc.
          In faith, the audit may not help us taking down this client, but did help a lot on the way of our growing and expanding.
          We are thankful for their profession and patience.
          Now we know that except controlling the product quality during production, we should also setting up more corresponding files in order to record all details for future reference.
          Here sincerely thanks for all of our clients, giving chances to make KRECO better.

                                                                                                                                       Sharon Wu

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