About Us

    We are KRECO capacitor as one of the top solutions providers in the Capacitor realm and our rich portfolio of solutions to our customers from different industries without any constraint.

    KRECO is a hi-tech manufacturer, established in 2008, Equity Code: 891359, European & USA brand 'IPSKRE'.  Because our own power supply needs electrolytic capacitors, we invested in an electrolytic capacitor factory, so that we can not only use ourselves to ensure the quality of power supply, but also have one more product to provide better services to customers.

    Integrity business principle:
    Under the core value 'integrity' (honest and sincere) and the mission  'to make customers satisfied with better products', KRECO provides clients with vertical customized products and solutions.  

    Mass MFG production: 
    We have partner-cooperated and well-controlled with many different categored factories, since we have many good and closed friend resources in the market. Every month, it is able to produce millions of products each category, which can be ensured and have been proved by timely delivery. In the meantime, the company has a powerful R&D team to research and design new popular products. Furthermore, we have a super high quality control system responsible for the quality check and control.

    Pass savings and values on to customers:
    KRECO always strives to maintain the highest safety standard and quality products. By making our best efforts to improve efficiency and corporate thriftiness allowed the company to pass savings and values on to customers. By now, our products are being sold in over 69 countries and regions. All honored clients can get professional sales service from our company.

    The best for you and we are waiting for you.
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          6.3 to 100V,0.47 to 6800μF
          6.3 to 50V,0.1 to 220μF
          160 to 450V,1 to 220μF
          6.3 to 16V,470 to 3300μF
          6.3 to 35V,1 to 100μF